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Lớp đào tạo Web3-Bootcamp 2023 với Blockchain Cardano

Tháng 4 năm 2023, Cardano2vn cùng với Khoa Công nghệ thông tin Đại Học Giao thông Vận tải tổ chức lớp học Web3-bootcamp cho sinh viên khóa 61 ngành Công Nghệ Thông tin.

1. Nội dung khóa khọc:


Introduction to the course:

  • Web3 - Codecamp

  • The Guide to Web3:

  • The Evolution of the Web

  • Web2vs Web3

  • Web3 components

  • Web3 Features

Overview about Blockchain:

  • What is a blockchain?

  • Understanding SHA 256 - Hash

  • Immutable Ledger

  • Distributed P2P Network


  • Byzantine Fault Tolerance

  • onsensus protocol



Crypto currencies

  • Overview about Crypto market
  • Blockchain generations
  • Bitcoin (e-gold)
  • Ethereum (smart contract pioneer)

Cardano Blockchain:

  • History
  • Roadmap
  • Pro & Cons
  • Native token
  • Ecosystem


Blockchain Components and Structure

  • Transaction Models
  • Block Rewards and Transaction Fees
  • Wallets
  • UTXO
  • Addresses
  • Mnemonic seed phrase (BIP39)
  • Key Derivation


Building Cardano node

  • Building a node on testnet
  • Building a node on mainnet
  • Assigment: Student self-build node on test-net
  • Introduction and Practicing with


Working with Cardano-cli

  • Create wallet (Key types: private key, public key, stake key...) by using Cardano-cli
  • Create your first transaction by using Cardano-cli
  • Mint/burn a token by using Cardano-cli
  • Mint/burn a NFT by using Cardano-cli
  • Create multi signature tx by using Cardano-cli


Working with Msh

  • Create a wallet by using web extention application
  • Instroduction about Mesh and API Providers
  • Overview abou Mesh and blockfrost

Mesh functions interact with Blockchain

  • Setup MeshProvider
  • UI-components
  • Wallet Hooks


App Wallet

  • Generate wallet
  • Load wallet
  • Get payment address
  • Get reward address
  • Sign transactions
  • Sign data


Browser Wallet

  • Get installed wallets
  • Connect wallet
  • Get balance
  • Get change address
  • Get collateral
  • Get network ID
  • Get reward addresses
  • Get unused addresses
  • Get used addresses
  • Get UTXOs
  • Sign data
  • Sign transaction
  • Submit transaction
  • Get assets
  • Get lovelace
  • Get policy IDs
  • Get collection of assets


Develop your first Web3 App

  • Create the fist transaction
  • Moving asset between wallets
  • Build a web3 to mint/burn a token
  • Build a web3 to mint/burn NFT
  • Creat a multi signature tx on web3


Khởi nghiệp với Blockchain

  • Introduction Project Catalyst and Deep Funding and what nexts?
  • Open discussion

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